Things get complicated, and not always what they seem. Take the color black for example. Some say that black is not even a color, but the presence of all colors. Some say that black is ugly. The Impressionists avoided using black. Black spots on the skin are probably bad. At the doctor’s office today, he showed […]


I just got home from a visit back east to see my mother, on the occasion of her 90th birthday. I spent a lot of time in New Jersey when I was younger and the word that comes to my mind to describe the the winter environ is ‘bleak’. This is especially true of the […]

White Paper Syndrome

Well, it happened. I lost the war with my blank slate today. I had some ideas, but I couldn’t get them on paper to my satisfaction. My train of thought had been in the direction of trying to visually depict mental states. I didn’t seem to have problems with sleep, dreaming or thought (see my Sleep, Day […]


I have heard that good artwork requires some amount of distance from the subject. For example, I know that I have a hard time singing a song that packs an emotional punch. My throat tightens up and I can’t sing any more. Do opera singers feel the same way as their emotional audiences? I imagine that the hard […]