Memories of Michael: Dad and Mike – Piano Lesson (~1950)

Mom and Dad loved music. They listened to orchestral music and were captivated by opera. Dad would meticulously follow along in the score and the libretto was never out of arms reach. I can only imagine the wonderful times they had as a couple, listening together. “When Mike came on the scene, I never got […]

Memories of Michael: Mike on a Swing Set (~1960)

The swing set in the back yard had a glider, that’s the best way to describe it. There were two seats, and the riders would sit facing each other, feet on foot rests. Pushing and pulling, in cooperation, would start the ride. Mike never got it. This is Mike standing on that contraption.

Memories of Michael: Dad and Mike at Willowbrook (1962)

My brother Mike went away to Willowbrook, a large mental institution (6000 residents) on Staten Island in New York State, USA. If you search for ‘Willowbrook’ and ‘atrocities’ on the internet, you will get more than 45,000 hits. The horrors were exposed in 1972 after which, New York State took actions that addressed the conditions. […]