Do Not Be Surprised

Why throw away interesting stuff? In preparing to move, I am sorting out my stuff. I always save little tidbits of interesting items. For instance, there was a short article about some man who just won a settlement against a tattoo parlor. The tattoo depicted a man stabbing someone in the back with a knife, […]

More Waiting

The art of waiting As I said the other day, waiting is an art form at which I excel. In fact, I was thinking of publishing a book of the drawings I did while waiting for my wife. I’ve gotten pretty good at drawing scenes through the windshield of the car. The dashboard and sun […]

A Break from the Usual Fare

Reminiscing can be a good thing. The major portion of this blog thus far, is composed of memories. I relate my early experiences, how I revisited them and revisit the revisitations. Some may call that self indulgent. Maybe it is, but I prefer to call it ‘my process’: a combination of persistence, engineering analysis, and […]