Abstract – Bird of Paradise

I love drawing free form designs with my new oil-based pen with a fine point. I feel like I’m making a sketch for a coloring book, when I’m making my patterns. People come into the store where I work and ask for ‘adult coloring books’. My knee-jerk reaction is to tell them, “This is NOT that kind of store.” Then I realize that these little old ladies are looking for actual coloring books that are for adults and not children. Times have certainly changed.

Today I concentrated on making a pattern that did not include any representations of my brother or me, as I have done in past abstracts (Abstract – Barrier, Abstract Portraits #1, Abstract Portraits #2). I tried to make my pattern convex, that is curving away from the edges of the paper instead of bulging toward them. I did not succeed at this, but I did generate the banana-shaped object that dominates the central diagonal. After much pondering, I decided that this shape should be the long axis of a head of a bird.  The rest is history!

I give you, the Bird of Paradise:

Watercolor: Abstract - Bird of Paradise

Abstract – Bird of Paradise


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