Hidden in the Wild

I am always on the lookout for hidden Mondrians. I have a good track record so far: Faded Mondrian, Mondrian Composition 300 CRY, Found Art – Mondrian Rug, Mondrian 300, Mondrian 002 OXY, Hidden: Mondrian 240, Found Art In Situ. More Found Art, Found Art,

Mondrian 300

I’ve been finding lost Mondrians all over the place. Here is Mondrian 300. Here is where I found it. Very clever, to change orientation. Didn’t fool me though. I will keep you all posted on any new finds. (Here are my previous successes: Found Art, More Found Art, Found Art In Situ, Mondrian 002 OXY, […]

A Link

I have been having a great time inking and painting small-scale architectural sketches of interesting buildings I photographed during my walks around New York City (Sea Food Building, The Beer and Soda Building, Clock Building, Studio School Building). However, I do miss painting abstracts in a larger format (Abstract 062415, Abstract 053015, Abstract with Film, Abstract […]