Window to Mountains

This is the view from our window. Matisse and Diebenkorn painted a number of works that juxtaposed inside and outside light. Their paintings inspired this study. I am working with a limited palette at the moment. Most of the coloration was not exactly what I had in mind, but it seemed to work out pretty […]

Leaf or Trees?

The work of Richard Diebenkorn was in the back of my mind today. I have been reading about his Ocean Park series. Everything about my paintings is different than his. He worked in oils, I work in watercolor; he worked on canvases on the order of 8×10 feet, I work on paper of 9×12 inches; […]

Imperfect Memory

I’ve been reading about Richard Diebenkorn, trying to understand how he created his works of art. I know that every creative person has his or her own way of ‘making [ideas] visible’ (to borrow a phrase that Paul Klee, Bauhaus Master, used to describe how an artist creates). I became so sleepy while attempting to […]

Beginning a Painting

My search for articles about creativity, with specific reference to Richard Diebenkorn (American Abstract Expressionist and Figurative Artist) returned many references to his ’10 rules’ of creativity.  I had already encountered this list in reading John Elderfield’s essay Leaving Ocean Park,* wherein he quotes Diebenkorn’s “Notes to myself on beginning a painting”: “1. attempt what is not […]

Abstracting from a Photo

I am trying to figure out the art of Richard Diebenkorn. I enjoy looking at his paintings in the books I took out of the library. Many of them consist of geometric patches of paint, some with diagonal lines, others with thin lines reminiscent of roads on a map. My understanding is that Diebenkorn’s major paintings began […]


I have been reading about the work of Richard Diebenkorn. He made a distinction between ‘indoor light’ and ‘outdoor light’. I explored this concept in today’s experiment.

The McGuffin

Abstraction: I’m trying to get a better handle on the approach that various artists take to painting. I do this as a means to better understand and, perhaps modify my own approach to expressing myself visually. I’ve had occasion to look up the definition of ‘abstract’ in connection with visual art. My reading about Richard Diebenkorn led me to the […]


I am between inspirations at the moment. I had a glancing encounter with some of Diebenkorn’s work.  I do not pretend to understand it at this point. All I can say is, I thumbed through a book of his paintings, then I painted this after a morning’s read on the back porch.

It Worked

It worked. Distraction, I mean.  Yesterday I mentioned that this was the first year I didn’t get a happy birthday call from Mom, not because she forgot to call, but because she died earlier in the year. One of my ways of dealing with sadness and bad feelings has been to compartmentalize. However, it was hard […]

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