Cyclops Hydrant Shadow

I have taken many photographs of fire hydrants (see Yellow Hydrant Sculpture, Fire Suppression Infrastructure, Colorful Fireplugs, Fire Plugs, Street and Parking Lot Hydrants). Rarely have I seen such a fine hydrant shadow as the one below. It was cast on a parking lot access road. The blue reflector happened to be in just the […]

Fire Suppression Infrastructure

Nestled between a fence and the building it protects, is this elaborate array of fire suppression infrastructure. I like fire suppression equipment (see Colorful Fireplugs, Street and Parking Lot Hydrants, Open Hydrant, On the Road Again – and Fireplugs, Fire Plugs, Yellow Hydrant Sculpture).

Out with the Old

It is rare to see installation of new fire hydrants. They are (literally) fixtures in our environment. They should last forever. There are few moving parts which could be easily replaced if the hydrant should fail. Below is a glimpse of the infrequent process of replacing an aging (obsolete? damaged?) fire plug.