It’s About Process

It is so interesting trying to see how a 3-year-old’s mind works.  Almost as soon arrived for our visit, Will, my grandson asked me: “Shall we paint?”  I posted his first masterpiece yesterday.  He wanted to paint another one immediately. I asked if he wanted the ‘big paper’ (12×9) or ‘little paper’ (9×6). He chose the little paper. His first brush stroke went off the page, onto the inside cover of the watercolor block; this diverted his attention for a while, to the printing and the chart printed there.

Watercolor: Will's 2nd Painting of the Day 12-24-16

Will’s Masterpiece in Context

He wanted to paint with white this time, and purple (which you can see on the upper right of the paper). He added yellow and quinacridone nickel, and really liked the resulting black and grey colors. I love the spot of yellow at the bottom. But it was most likely an oversight on his part, as he was intent on covering the entire surface of the paper with dark pigment. As with yesterday’s painting, I showed Will how to blot up colors with a paper towel. He still showed more interested in the colors transferred to the towel than the effect on the pigments on the paper.  One of his favorite parts of painting was changing the color of the rinse water when he dipped his brush to add more water to his pigment-laden brush.

Watercolor: Will's 2nd Painting of the Day 12-24-16 Completed

Will’s Masterpiece: White, Purple and Yellow
9″x6″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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