It’s About Process

It is so interesting trying to see how a 3-year-old’s mind works.  Almost as soon arrived for our visit, Will, my grandson asked me: “Shall we paint?”  I posted his first masterpiece yesterday.  He wanted to paint another one immediately. I asked if he wanted the ‘big paper’ (12×9) or ‘little paper’ (9×6). He chose the little […]

William’s First Masterpiece of the Day

We’re down here in Burbank visiting the kids. I brought my art materials to keep up with my daily paintings. I was prepared to steal some time by myself to fulfill my goal of posting my original artwork every day, but Will asked if we could paint. I was so happy that he remembered painting together […]


Sidra, my granddaughter, ten years of age, has a school assignment. She must read a biography and report about it. She also has to make or buy five objects related to the person and show them.  She chose to report about Anne Frank.  I asked Sidra what she already knew about her. She said that she […]