William’s First Masterpiece of the Day

We’re down here in Burbank visiting the kids. I brought my art materials to keep up with my daily paintings. I was prepared to steal some time by myself to fulfill my goal of posting my original artwork every day, but Will asked if we could paint. I was so happy that he remembered painting together when we were here last. I relinquish these next few posts to guest artist, William my 3 year-old grandson.

Will asked to start with red. I squeezed a bit into a plastic palette and reminded him about wetting the brush before putting paint on it. I gave him a Japanese bristle brush to use and he went about scrubbing the red into the paper. He was fascinated by the way the clean water turned to red when he re-wet the brush. He liked dipping the brush in water and proceeded to flood the paper

He chose yellow as the next color and seemed surprised at the appearance of orange as it mixed with the red.

I showed Will how to blot the heavily soaked paper to dry it off a bit and reveal some of the colors underneath.  He was more interested in looking at the color on the paper towel than the patterns it left on the paper.

Watercolor: Will's 1st Painting of the Day 12-24-16

Will’s First Masterpiece of the Day 12-24-16
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

It is interesting to try figuring out Will’s creative process.  He concentrates on covering the entire piece of paper. He doesn’t mind the browns and grays that are created with the  indiscriminate mixing of colors.

Tomorrow, another of Will’s masterpieces.

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