Composition – After William

After a grueling drive, we’re back home. Before we left Burbank, I designed a watercolor sketch that began with a clear water squiggle. At one end, I infused the same blue color that Will, my three-year-old grandson, used in some of his paintings (see Will’s First Masterpiece of the Day, It’s About Process, My Favorite). […]

My Favorite

With my 3-year-old grandson’s third masterpiece, I see a pattern in his approach to painting. (See William’s First Masterpiece of the Day, It’s About Process) When he asks me, “Shall we paint,” he is not just talking about applying paint to paper. He likes the whole experience, from choosing the colors with which to paint, […]

William’s First Masterpiece of the Day

We’re down here in Burbank visiting the kids. I brought my art materials to keep up with my daily paintings. I was prepared to steal some time by myself to fulfill my goal of posting my original artwork every day, but Will asked if we could paint. I was so happy that he remembered painting together […]