My Favorite

With my 3-year-old grandson’s third masterpiece, I see a pattern in his approach to painting. (See William’s First Masterpiece of the Day, It’s About Process) When he asks me, “Shall we paint,” he is not just talking about applying paint to paper. He likes the whole experience, from choosing the colors with which to paint, to rubbing the brush (against the grain – pushing the bristles forward) on the paper. I think his favorite part is making the water change color when he rinses the brush. He likes dabbing the paper towel on the paper he made very wet with repeated visits to the rinse bowl. I suggested this, in part, to dry the paper but also to reveals the colors underneath. William was more fascinated by the colors left on the paper towel.

I really like Will’s composition below, even though it was not an intentional masterpiece. He was focused on everything else about his experience with painting.

Watercolor: Will's 3rd Painting of the Day 12-24-16

Will’s Third Masterpiece
9″x6″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


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