I write this the night before my kidney stone operation. I saw the doc this morning (5.20.15) and he scheduled me for tomorrow (5.21.15) at 3PM. I was never good at that game ‘Operation’. My hands shook a bit too much. Here’s hoping that my surgeon was better at it than I. The doc told […]

Pain and Concentration

My pain started again. This time it started gradually on my lower left side. I tried lying back and visualizing it. It seemed to be a yellow glow. I thought if I acknowledged its presence with my mind and breathed in and out calmly, it would abate. “Breathe in. Think of all the energy coming […]

Engine of Consciousness

Today’s watercolor experiment: I had no idea about the topic of my study today except that I wanted to start with a random placement of liquid latex on my paper. I’m always surprised by the outcome, and it gives me the opportunity to think during each stage of the creation. Steps in my process today: 1. Latex […]

Behind the Curtain

Today’s watercolor experiment: another ‘stab’ at pain (pun intended): I like to understand. Slowly things come into focus. The first thing that came to my mind when I was told, “you have a kidney stone,” was a small rock inside my kidney. Then my doc said, “the pain stops once the stone leaves the ureter and […]


Now and then I paint representations of my work area (Desk, Clean Desk). It has been particularly messy these days. I’m not sure what motivated me to revisit my desk in its current condition. Perhaps it is the easiest subject, since it is right there in front of me. The thought of filling up the […]

Waves and Reflections

I’m taking it easy and feeling better since my kidney stone pain. Thank you for your kind wishes. Today’s watercolor experiment: I watched a video about painting waves and tried it out. Waves – Process: I carefully wet the paper, unlike my normal practice of soaking it. After preparing a wash of Prussian blue, I […]

New Respect

Here is my entry into the it-was-a dark-and-stormy-night, worst-opening-line competition:  Pain… that’s what I was in, in spades. It started as discomfort and gradually grew. I am familiar with the pain scale, along with the icons depicting a person’s face without pain (#1) all the way to pain that a person could not stand (#10). […]

Applied Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment; The idea in my mind today was to compose a recognizable scene using knowledge I gained during the past few days of painting abstract studies (Let Watercolors Be Watercolors, About Those Watercolors, Yet Another Factor, Red Abstract). Process: I remember a painting I did a few months ago in which I drew my paintbrush across […]

Red Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: I’m still on my nonrepresentational kick. Today for the first time, I used red as the dominant color, reaching to the borders of the paper. As in all my abstracts in this series (Let Watercolors Be Watercolors, About Those Watercolors, Yet Another Factor), my process was the same: 1) create a pool […]

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