Home Care

Hospitals are places where one can get really sick. Nursing facilities are touch and go – like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. It could take hours to go to the bathroom; nursing staff can make mistakes on medications; neighbors could have annoying hacking coughs, etc. Home, surrounded by […]


I write this the night before my kidney stone operation. I saw the doc this morning (5.20.15) and he scheduled me for tomorrow (5.21.15) at 3PM. I was never good at that game ‘Operation’. My hands shook a bit too much. Here’s hoping that my surgeon was better at it than I. The doc told […]

A Break from the Usual Fare

Reminiscing can be a good thing. The major portion of this blog thus far, is composed of memories. I relate my early experiences, how I revisited them and revisit the revisitations. Some may call that self indulgent. Maybe it is, but I prefer to call it ‘my process’: a combination of persistence, engineering analysis, and […]