It’s a Jungle Out There

I began with French ultramarine, one of the pigments I used in yesterday’s composition. Ultimately, these two brushstrokes were overlaid with ultramarine violet, another grainy pigment, and relegated to minor figures at the center-left of the study. I painted the upper part of the paper with ultramarine violet and, after drying, rewet the area with red iron […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: Based on my warmup exercise, I decided to use Prussian blue, carmine red and lemon yellow for my variegated wash today. Below is today’s experiment after the first wash: I love the way the upper portion turned out, where the Prussian blue (a greenish blue) merges with the lemon yellow. Even the lower […]

Red Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: I’m still on my nonrepresentational kick. Today for the first time, I used red as the dominant color, reaching to the borders of the paper. As in all my abstracts in this series (Let Watercolors Be Watercolors, About Those Watercolors, Yet Another Factor), my process was the same: 1) create a pool […]

Purple Woods

Today’s watercolor experiment: Yesterday’s preliminary experiment in purple was a first step in my investigation of purple-yellow interactions. I was hoping for a result analogous to the orange-blue exercise shown in the latter part of the post, yesterday. In this expansion of my sketch shown in my post, From a Magazine, the goldfish were separated from […]

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