Yet Another Factor

Today’s watercolor experiment: I am still in the abstract mode, as I have been for the past couple of days. Today, I decided to experiment in the same vein with peacock blue, a Holbein pigment made up of a green (PG7) and phthalo blue (PB15), quinacridone red and lemon yellow. In the color test strip […]

Make Believe-ish Flower

Today’s watercolor experiment: I am working on another painting of a real flower, taking my time because it is for a special occasion.  However I took the opportunity today, to be carefree about my brushstrokes and my composition. Process: I wet the entire paper before I applied any pigment. I used to do this quite […]

The Sky’s the Limit

Today’s watercolor experiment: Over the past couple of days I have been trying to introduce some drama to my watercolors, (Sketching Problems, When You Fall Off a Horse, Values) inasmuch as one can dramatize the vista of a parking lot. Dramatic elements were present in the photographs, as clouds.  How? The ever-so-gradual shift in tone from dark […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: I began with soaking wet paper, streaking permanent mauve across its width. I left room at the top for another color. I chose Prussian blue, since I wanted  a color close to mauve, on the color wheel.  As they mingled, I dropped on some clear water. I love when the water chases the pigment away […]