Today’s experiment: The combination of two factors is responsible for today’s experiment. First, there was a sale at a local art supply store. Daniel Smith, the watercolor manufacturer, has a line of luminescent watercolor pigments, which I decided to try. The second factor that inspired today’s sketch is my recent purchase of a couple of […]

The Space Between

Yesterday, I posted a portrait of myself as I was traveling to Mike‘s plane of existence. Even though I can’t share any details of our visit (believe me I would love to if I could), I was able to capture the essence of our visit. However before you see it, I need to provide you […]

Evaporating Self Portrait

This is a self portrait I took, just before I went to visit Michael on his plane of existence. It looks just like I am evaporating; my sense of identity merging with the ether. But it isn’t. I went to visit Michael. It was good, but I can’t tell you any details about our time […]

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