Cactus Protection Scheme

I don’t know if it is too late to save my succulent (see Damn Squirrels). But I have an idea for how to protect the next one, should I choose to leave it outside with the devil squirrels that think it is a dispenser of snacks. Below is my no-so-engineering-like visual description of my scheme. […]

Stylized Squirrel-Eaten Succulent

I’m still annoyed at those squirrels who ate my succulent (see Damn Squirrels). I saw one standing right in the pot, munching nonchalantly. Fortunately (for him) I didn’t have a tennis ball within reach; he left when I rapped on the window. The scrawny succulents had a very stable platform for those squirrel vermin. I […]

Damn Squirrels

Now it could be one or more of them. I can’t tell them apart. But they (or it) like(s) to much on my favorite succulent. I don’t mind that the squirrels eat all the figs, although I do fear for the branches when some of the fatter ones sneak out to the furthest leaf to […]