Stylized Squirrel-Eaten Succulent

I’m still annoyed at those squirrels who ate my succulent (see Damn Squirrels). I saw one standing right in the pot, munching nonchalantly. Fortunately (for him) I didn’t have a tennis ball within reach; he left when I rapped on the window.

The scrawny succulents had a very stable platform for those squirrel vermin. I elongated the flower pot in this stylized version of my suffering succulent to show how the squirrels could eat with impunity.

Watercolor: Squirrel-Eaten Succulent 081117

Squirrel-Eaten Succulent
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


2 thoughts on “Stylized Squirrel-Eaten Succulent

  1. I was so annoyed when I saw that something had been rooting around in a potted plant on my front porch, kicking out the soil and burrowing in the foliage. Then, a few days ago, I saw that it is a nest with a couple of tine eggs in there. Now I’m not nearly as annoyed. It’s fun to watch the new visiting family.

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