Sketch Book Series: In Hospital (April 2011)

I used to write on my drawings (in the one below, I cropped out the notes). The scene adds meaning to the note and vice versa. Annotating sketches gives added dimension to the artwork.

Three People In Line from Sketchbook

I’m getting a slow start this year in making progress with my art. I switched from watercolor painting to drawing and sketching more than a year ago. One of the ideas was to create a bank of images that I could elaborate upon in other artwork. Isn’t this the purpose of a sketch book: a […]

Past Sketches

Today was a busy day. But, I planned for that. It so happens that I was looking through some of my old sketch books in the garage, in a renewed attempt to straighten up. I am not even up to the point of de-cluttering, having back-slid since my first attempt in what seems like years. In […]


In maximal contrast to yesterday’s experiment, with nary a pen or ink mark, today’s presentation is all about detail. The following pen and ink sketch was done shortly after I moved to California. When I wasn’t looking for work, I would sit on the back porch, sketching. Back then, I suppose I had a lot […]

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