In maximal contrast to yesterday’s experiment, with nary a pen or ink mark, today’s presentation is all about detail.

The following pen and ink sketch was done shortly after I moved to California. When I wasn’t looking for work, I would sit on the back porch, sketching. Back then, I suppose I had a lot more vigor. Everything was new to me out here. I mean, in New York, who had a fig tree in their back yard? For that matter, who had a back yard?  I loved the fig leaves and could see how they could gain their reputation for covering private parts – I mean really, have you ever seen a fig leaf? Very suggestive.

Pen and Ink - Sketch of Back Yard

Back Yard – Pen and Ink
7″x10″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Notebook

I’m happy that I did this sketch and proud of all the detail. It is very much like a snapshot. Much has changed in the back yard since then. The lemon tree on the left is gone, or rather was pruned back to a stump. It is more like a lemon bush now. We’ve also gone through a few generations of umbrellas and tables, but the general architecture is still the same.

I wonder if I would have the gumption to attempt such a detailed pen and ink sketch these days.

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