Abstract Jellies

I’ve been reading about the history of abstract art. There seem to be as many theories and approaches to art as there are artists. How could that be otherwise?

For the most part artists try to portray truths about reality. It is no coincidence that many different forms of art arose after Einstein’s theory of relativity modeled reality much differently than its Newtonian predecessor.

Another factor that affects art is how each artist perceives reality. Who is to say that all individuals see reality in the same way? For example, some brains may be more attuned to sounds than visual stimuli; in some brains, visual stimuli may trigger sounds (i.e., synesthetes); other brains may not detect differences in color.

Recently, the approach I use in my compositions is centered on the interactions among different pigments. I love the way certain formulations of colors intermingle. I find in interesting that differing amounts of water used can vary the appearance of a mixture of two pigments.

Watercolor: Abstract - Jellies 040917

Abstract Jellies
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Alas, I have not recently tried portraying reality as I see it. That exercises a different set of intellectual muscles.

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