Reality Take 1

I started reviewing the basics about art. Aside from the different styles, all art is an exercise in displaying reality. Many books have been written about how reality is perceived.

This is such an interesting topic. I can’t possibly do it justice in such a short post.

My study below is my idea of the creation of reality through the mind’s eye. The brain is the great interpreter and serves as a filter for all perceptible sensations.

Watercolor: Abstract - Mind's Eye

Mind’s Eye 1
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


4 thoughts on “Reality Take 1

  1. I have a lot of eye problems so I’ve picked up info along the way. And I found out that the retina is considered part of the brain. So when you say mind’s eye, I love that how your painting really depicts that connection for me.

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