Man Reading a Magazine

Proportions, always proportions. Leonardo DaVinci had very detailed descriptions of ratios of one body part to another. When drawing, it pays to lightly sketch in the entire form of the subject before committing to a more bold outline.  The portrait below turned out to be one of a long-waisted man.

Man with SF Patch

There are a limited number of positions one can assume when sitting. But it isn’t boring sketching seated people. It is an exercise in proportions. I remember distinctly an instance, many years ago, when the proportions of a drawing on which I was working, became those of the actual model (a picture of a horse). […]

Another Studio Sketch

Now and then I make a sketch of my studio. It’s messy enough to be interesting. Today I found that I am getting better at placing my shapes in the frame and estimating proportions properly. I used a combination of watercolor paints, broad-tip and brush markers and fine-tip pens for this composition. Previous studio sketches […]

Proportion Practice

Today’s watercolor experiment: Today I worked from my imagination. I know that I have my grandson William’s features in my head. I tried to lay them out with watercolors. I need a better interface between my head and my hands, it seems. I did not intend the pencil marks to indicate a beard, although that is […]