Blue and Red Arcs

I wanted to take advantage of the rough texture of the paper in today’s study. The first arc was the blue streak that began with a dense color that came from a loaded brush and ended with a dry brush that only colored the peaks of the textured paper. I used the same technique with […]

It’s the Process

Sometimes the process is more important than the results. I was down to my last sheet of paper on my watercolor block. For those of you who have never used watercolor blocks before, they are really useful. All four sides of a pad of paper are attached to the ones below it, except for one place […]

Abstract with Triangles

Today’s watercolor experiment: I don’t have intermediate stages of today’s study to show you (as I presented in yesterday’s study). To tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed by my process and by the resulting overall muddiness. Process: I can’t very well regale you with my successful studies and omit the ones that are […]