90th Birthday Party

I write the on February 8th, the day of Mom’s 90th birthday party. Her birthday is actually February 9th, which is when I scheduled this post to go live. Mom planned on having a her party more than 6 months ago. She called me at that time to ask if I would be coming. I […]

While I’m Processing…

Yesterday’s post turned out to be more of a “Dear Diary” entry than I had intended. I should have waited an appropriate period to process my time with Mom rather than writing from the midst of the experience. Who wants to read a laundry list of the day’s events? That’s what journal notes are for: a […]

Early Bird Special

Everyone is nice here. But you take your life in your hands at dinner time. Oy, the crowd! It is even hard to turn around, for fear of knocking someone over. It is a good thing that walker technology is as good as it is. Those wide bases, anti-lock brakes and low centers of gravities […]

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