Woman and Child

This was a tough one. I liked the posture of the woman. The child was active and he mostly orbited the woman. When he alit, his body was obscured, except for his lower half. As a photographer, I often took shots that did not work in terms of design. In other words, the photo did […]

At the Fireworks

We had fun yesterday. The fireworks were phenomenal. William really enjoyed them as well. Today’s watercolor experiment: I tried to extract significant images from my memory of yesterday’s time at the amusement park.  I began my painting with a section of a wheel from a wheelchair. We needed one so that Joy could enjoy the park […]

Field of Poppies

Yesterday’s post was about the differences between portraying one object of interest, such as a piece of fruit or a flower, versus a collection of subjects. A single flower has so many intricate and beautiful parts – all pre-designed. An artist ‘merely’ has to express with visual elements, how he or she is changed by seeing it. […]

One versus Many

It wasn’t until I finished today’s experiment that I thought of the real theme for this post.  Previously I had painted a sketch of two California Poppies. One in full face, the other in a profile, like a mug shot, I suppose. Today I wanted to revisit the poppy, as they have a stunning color […]

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