Where Have All the Poppies Gone?

My ‘field of poppies‘ studies have been evolving. I still like my original concept of the aerial view of a field of poppies flanked by the field below and sky above. Perhaps this is the type of thinking that goes into designing icons, such as national flags, family crests, company icons and other symbols. Thus […]

Field of Poppies

Yesterday’s post was about the differences between portraying one object of interest, such as a piece of fruit or a flower, versus a collection of subjects. A single flower has so many intricate and beautiful parts – all pre-designed. An artist ‘merely’ has to express with visual elements, how he or she is changed by seeing it. […]

One versus Many

It wasn’t until I finished today’s experiment that I thought of the real theme for this post.  Previously I had painted a sketch of two California Poppies. One in full face, the other in a profile, like a mug shot, I suppose. Today I wanted to revisit the poppy, as they have a stunning color […]

Slight Road Trip

We attended a ‘celebration of life’ today. It was sad for those who knew the man that died, one of Joy’s cousin’s exes. Everyone was supposed to come in casual attire; he was a surfer – until the very end. His last heart attack was on his surf board. I met the man once or twice […]