Sketch Book Series: Hand Wash (July 2010)

I used a .35mm point ink pen for this sketch. The paper was a bit textured which accounts for uneven-ness. It was hard to control the width of the lines in this exercise. I like the dash of orange of the traffic cone.

Woman Waiting For Her Car To Be Washed

That this woman was snoozing was my good fortune. A car wash waiting room is not the same as a cafe where everyone reads. In fact, the woman sitting next to me remarked that the woman I was sketching was a good subject.

Bench Series, No. 12: Car Wash Bench

It was a nice day today. One thing we like to do is get the car washed. The good thing about going in the middle of the week is: no lines and no waiting. The car wash establishment has an array of nice places to sit. I was able to capture this vacant one on […]

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