Man, Whose Portrait Reminds Me of Alien, the Movie

When I’m drawing blind (that is, without looking at my sketchpad surface), figures often get distorted. Below is an example of a portrait with face parts, proportionate within themselves, but not properly assembled into a whole. The overall effect of this portrait reminds me of the alien character in the movie Alien.

Post-Christmas Lego Build

Will, my grandson, got a 12,000 piece Lego set; seemed like 12,000. There were at least a dozen small cellophane packets with different parts inside. Will’s dad had the unenviable task of inventorying the parts as Will did his job as a 5-year old: undoing what his dad was doing. The sketch below is the […]

In Line (Drawn Totally Blind)

I was looking directly at the customers in line as I drew them. But the line was moving so fast that I ended up completing one figure with the body parts of another. That is, when a person moved up in line to the cashier and another took his place, I finished the first figure […]

Family Drawn Totally Blind

This is an example of the drawings I do without looking at the paper. I have described drawing a family gathering such as this, as akin to drawing a landscape. The outline is virtually the same as a skyline. In most of my ‘blind drawings’, I peek a little bit, to get my bearings. In […]

Two Sketched Figures and Two Sketchy Figures

I carefully outlined the two left-most figures and added some internal features. I drew the mustache on the next figure very quickly, along with the rest of the face. As for the fourth person, I drew him with tentative strokes, a totally different technique than I used for the first two portraits.

Cartoon Lady and Company

My sketching was proceeding nicely. I had reached the right balance of blind and non-blind sketching for the first three figures (starting at the left-hand side of the paper). For some reason, my sketch of the final character got out of control. I think it was that person’s sharp features. Drawn blind, they contributed to […]