Mike-Related Watercolor: Portrait of Young Mike; Frame 3A (2016)

As I mentioned in the first post of this series, my brother Michael, the subject of this portrait, caught in the frame of an old home movie, is as removed from me in time as he was (and is) removed from me in every human-relatable way. The frame of the 8mm film, translated into video […]

Dislocated Faces

Distractions can be the source of dislocations and distortions in blind contour drawings. In the following example, I began the figure on the left just below the ear, but ended a distance away from the starting point. In the second figure, you might notice a rough curve inside it. I repositioned the pen (with the […]

Man with Stripes on His Shirt

I was drawn to this subject by the stripes on his shirt. Most of the plaids I’ve tried to draw have very fine mesh. This one had very broad stripes. I began by copying the distortion of each vertical stripe with the hope of replicating the person’s underlying musculature. Attention to this kind of detail […]

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