Tutor Waiting For Tutee Who Arrived 15 Minutes Later

I spent some time drawing the figure on the right, in the sketch below. After a while another man came to the table and sat down. I could tell there was a teacher-student relationship between them. It is difficult to portray time in a still picture. Perhaps the relaxed position of the man on the […]

Extreme Waiting

Extreme waiting happens sometimes within the deep waiting time period. After all the information is given, questioned and reiterated, those in charge make decisions and you both discuss it and give the okay. Then the deed is done behind closed doors. This is where extreme waiting takes place.

Deep Waiting: Beyond the Waiting Room

There is a harshness to deep waiting. Note the grating sense of light reflected from the sketch below. I photographed this entry of my sketch book under hospital lighting. I am past the waiting room and directly interact with the business of the medical center here. Here I provide all the information I think may […]

Cold Little Girl In the Midst of Studiers

The little girl was very difficult to draw. She was always moving, trying to get her tiny denim jacket in the right position to keep her warm. She must have been too cold to read or to look through picture books. Mom wasn’t too long reading her own books though. The child warmed up quickly.