Purple Curve

More experimentation with glazing today. I like the two different transparent yellows that I used for glazing (lemon and Sennelier yellow).Holbein’s peacock blue is a beautiful transparent blue I used to layer on top of the yellows and reds. I didn’t glaze with reds, as they were not transparent.  

ReBlotting Exercise, Complete

I am back at home after a couple of days visiting friends. The post from the day I left (ReBlotting), was an experiment with blotting and lifting pigments from the paper. As I was in a rush to leave, I only completed part of the experiment. Completed (ReBlotting) watercolor experiment: I rewet the original study and added […]


Note: I decided not to modify the yesterday’s experiment. For now at least, I leave the unmasked traces as they are. I may change my mind if I revisit this study at a later time. Today’s watercolor experiment: I enjoyed my experiment with ink yesterday, even though I used it minimally (the red spot surrounded by […]

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