Post-Birthday Post

The day went well

I am so happy to say that my birthday went well.  Most of my cousins from Joy’s side of the family came to dinner in celebration of the start of my 63rd year.  I was so pleased that those involved in the melt-down and our subsequent displacement also came, as invited.  That made me feel really good.

Prior to the dinner party, Joy and I took the day to ourselves. I love bookstores, so we went to one of the few used-book stores in town and I found some books about Paul Klee and Paul Cézanne, that I hadn’t read!

We spent the rest of the day puttering about the mall until just before the dinner.

Age-istential angst

The tick, tick, ticking of time slipping by was muffled somewhat by being surrounded by good company. However, I’m sure I have not experienced the last of those feelings. It is nice to have a respite now and then.

Thank you

I thank my friends, Mac McConnell, Jan Hilley, Alison Hansel, Liz Barrett, Kathy DeAngelo, Lynn Williamson Webster, Jessica Safran for the happy birthday wishes.  They mean a lot to me.

No watercolor today, unfortunately, BUT

Here are some photos of interesting fire plugs that are in the queue for painting:

Photograph - Rite Aid Fire Plug

Rite Aid Fire Plug

Photograph - Rite Aid Fire Plug - Detail

Rite Aid Fire Plug – Detail















Photography - Lucky's Fire Plug

Lucky’s Fire Plug

Photography - Lucky's Fire Plug - Detail

Lucky’s Fire Plug – Detail















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