The Rest

The Rest is history, as they say. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I came down with the flu a little more than a week ago. The doc, or more accurately, the nurse practitioner said that it would take about three weeks to clear up. But, with the flu medication, I would be better […]

Not only sick…

I hate to keep harping on being sick, but I can’t do much more than that right now. I’ve been back in California less than a week after my return from New Jersey to be with my mother when she passed away. My brother Dave gave me enough notice for me to book a flight […]

I was so sick…

There is a saying, “I was so sick, I was afraid I wasn’t going to die.”  I’ve been feeling that way for the past couple of days. I don’t know if I’m in the eye of the storm, if the medication is taking effect or if I’m better. But I am grateful for feeling halfway […]


My father was known (among other things) for his puns, shaggy dog stories and jokes (an arguable characterization). One of his stories is apropos of today’s situation. It so happens that there was a witch named Enza, who was forever trying to get into one particular house. The resident was fastidious about sealing the home, […]


Joy is sick. Within hours, her scratchy throat bloomed to a 101.9 fever. Pain. Throbbing headache. She could not find a comfortable position. All night long. Today’s watercolor experiment: Process: I walked my pencil point lightly around the contour of two hands holding the feverish head I would paint. I began painting the pulsating-temple headache with […]