Tree Bark Riff

Before I went off to do my errands today, I slopped some paint on my watercolor block. I wet the entire paper, then washed with ultramarine rose and ultramarine blue: a streak of blue and a circle of rose. In between errands, I stopped home and filled in the circle with blue and overpainted the […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: Today I began with a light wash of English yellow. I prepared too much of it from a previous painting and had enough left over to use. I broke away from my habit of applying swooshes of color across the page in arcs and used a number 16 round brush to outline a […]

Creative Process

Today’s experiment: I had an idea in mind as I started today’s watercolor: Yin and Yang. My plan was to wet the entire paper, lay in a blue wash shaped like a comma (similar to the orange shapes of yesterday’s study) and somehow add an orange comma adjacent to  the blue one. Since orange and blue […]