Flower Progression

I missed National Orchid Day but I haven’t been unaware of flowers. In particular, there is a blooming succulent on the porch railing.  I first noticed a change in the almost spherical arrangement of leaves above the rim of the clay pot. It seemed that an alien was projecting a periscope to see what was […]

Portrait in a Bean

Today is the first time we actually traveled to Chicago proper. It was the tourist thing. I haven’t seen big old buildings in quite a while, certainly not in San Jose. I enjoyed seeing gargoyles again, and bricks that weren’t a quarter-inch thick and made of vinyl. The portrait I forgot my regular camera, so […]

Different Reactions

Different children have different reactions. My younger brother doesn’t remember much about our older brother, Michael. Michael is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. Mom and Dad both said that they tried shielding us kids from the brunt of Mike’s influence. I suppose it worked, for one of us. Maybe there was a little magic thrown […]

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