Leaf or Trees?

The work of Richard Diebenkorn was in the back of my mind today. I have been reading about his Ocean Park series. Everything about my paintings is different than his. He worked in oils, I work in watercolor; he worked on canvases on the order of 8×10 feet, I work on paper of 9×12 inches; he knew what he was doing and how to achieve it, I am learning little-by-little about his work.

I began today’s experiment with masking frisket. The idea I had was to make some kind of veiny leaf, but also to divide the picture plane in sections. (My nod to Diebenkorn.) I painted the rivulets made by the frisket with red, so they would stand out against their green outlines.

Watercolor: Abstract - Leaf or Trees 062817

12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The painted latex traces (rivulets) could either be veins of leaves, or trees, which seem to have the same structure as the veins, only in macrocosm.

I would probably do more justice to the spirit of Diebenkorn, had I deconstructed the leaf into planar areas, in the way that he re-constructed the aerial landscapes in some of his early works.

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