Imperfect Memory

I’ve been reading about Richard Diebenkorn, trying to understand how he created his works of art. I know that every creative person has his or her own way of ‘making [ideas] visible’ (to borrow a phrase that Paul Klee, Bauhaus Master, used to describe how an artist creates).

I became so sleepy while attempting to read about Diebenkorn’s art and how he did it, that I had to take a nap. During my sleep, an image came into my mind. It looked like a dry-brushed arc and some kind of tubular tripod-like structure underneath it.

I woke up and painted what I remembered on another painting, which I abandoned. Here is the result:

Watercolor: Abstract - Untitled 050317

Untitled – My 3, 2017
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

My impression (at this point) of Diebenkorn’s process is that he relied on memory, as imperfect as it is, in addition assessing the visual elements on his canvas, to make a composition that was ‘right’ to him.

(Please, if any reader knows more about this, I would dearly love to be enlightened.)


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