You should have seen the first wash of this study. Very subtle contours and graded grays. The second wash was a curtain of gray drips.

I decided to add color to the mass of gray, and started with a primary blue gouache. I echoed the gray drips and added a primary red . The red and blue drips reminded me of a circulatory system. I added purple (mixing the red and blue).  The circulatory system metaphor inspired the thought of a network, so I added finer lines with oil-based pens.

I took a break for a while before continuing. Events of the day were intense and, when I came back to my composition I unleashed my frustration.  I took a razor to it (don’t worry, it was a safety razor) and scraped off much of my previous work.  I also scrapped off more than a bit of paper as well.

I added yellow to parts of the abraded paper directly from the paint tube, as one would apply a salve to a wound. I applied bright red to the areas where the paper was torn from the surface.

Watercolor: Abstract - Scrapped

16″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The brightly colored abrasions and tears against the gray, geometric background reminds me of graffiti. Not an artistic graffiti, but rather random slashing and staining of an asylum wall.

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