Rough Free Form

I used different materials for today’s watercolor. I used a very heavy paper (300 pound), square in format. I drew a charcoal outline and painted inside the lines.

I wanted to continue my version of ‘action painting’ by crumpling it up and returning it to its flattened state. I knew it would be different than the 140# paper I normally use.

Here is my artwork as it was soaking, before I crumpled it up.

Watercolor: Abstract - Free Form with Charcoal

Square Painting in Sink

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to crumple, and I expected some tearing. I dried the surface somewhat with a blower, but as I tried to mark the tops of the folds with a charcoal stick, the paper just shredded.

I painted a bit within the tears and let it dry. In the end I re-animated some of the outlines vigorously. This time the charcoal disintegrated.

Watercolor: Abstract - Distressed, Free Form with Charcoal

Distressed Free Form with Charcoal
8″x8″ 300# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


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