Abstract 060317: Ink and Watercolor

I had no preconceptions before I started drawing lines for this composition. The first line was the curve that is now adjacent to the yellow-orange color. The next was a wide check-mark-like line that defined the space above the first curve. I like my broad-tipped dip pen. It is a bit old, so sometimes when I draw a line with it, freshly charged with ink, it sputters a bit, giving the appearance of a watercolor dry-brush stroke.

Watercolor: Abstract - Ink and Watercolor

Abstract with Ink and Watercolor
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I echoed the first curve with a broad curved line underneath, and isolated the shape between with moats of gray.

I drew short stabs of lines and repeated them in negative space in the middle of the uppermost moat. I created other visual elements with a combination of in and masking frisket.

I like this design.

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