Not only sick…

I hate to keep harping on being sick, but I can’t do much more than that right now. I’ve been back in California less than a week after my return from New Jersey to be with my mother when she passed away. My brother Dave gave me enough notice for me to book a flight and be with him at her side when she died.  In the ensuing two and an half weeks after she died, my brother and I took care of many of the tasks that need to be addressed following such an incident.

My health was fine during this whole time even though the temperature was on average, 50 degrees cooler than what I’m used to. When I got to the airport, it was 1 degree. I wasn’t sure whether I landed in Newark, NJ or Nome, AK.

On my flight home I started getting sick. It turned out that I was getting the flu.

Other annoying things about being sick:

If you’re like me, there is very little worse than the sound of mosquitos. I hear their pitiful little whine and know that they are probably targeting the warmest part of any exposed skin, in which to zoom and bury their little proboscises, injecting their itch poison.

One of the troubles that I’ve experience with this bout of illness is that I seem to have grown my own herd of mosquitos. At least their noises. I know that now and then a clogged nose, when breathed through can create its own sound effects. When I first heard the mosquito sounds and realized they weren’t mosquitos, that was the first thing I checked. My nose was not the source.  It turns out that it was either something in my lungs or throat that conspired with my body to generate the unwanted sound effects.  It took some doing: clearing my throat, changing position on the bed and finally gargling with salt water to finally give me (and my wife) some peace.

Hopefully I will be able to continue with more insightful posts within the next few days.

Please bear with me, dear readers.

13 thoughts on “Not only sick…

  1. Hey there, my Mum passed away in December 2013, and my Dad had terrible flu a few weeks after – and his front two teeth broke off and so now wears dentures! Maybe its like an immune system shock – a way of stopping and healing after the experience of losing a loved one. I hope you are feeling much better now! Fleur 🙂


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