Flatland: City and Country Lines

I guess builders in three dimensions have to mark where things go, no matter the surface. This graffiti on grass in this picture got me thinking of Flatland. Couldn’t there could be different realms with that two-dimensional space: the city and the country? What would the countryside look like in Flatland? The grass, in 3-dimensions, is textured. But there is no texture in Flatland because… Flatland is flat? Texture in Flatland could be manifested as a variety of different-shaped and sized holes scattered around the flat terrain. The physics of Flatland would either not allow its geometric denizens to traverse these holes or would cause their parts to disappear if they began to overlap the 2-D gap.  At any rate, Flatland countryside, where 2-D texture reigns, would be an awe-inspiring place.

Photography: Street Photography - Flatland: City and Country Lines

Flatland: City and Country Lines

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