“You Must Be Disappointed”

Mom isn’t feeling too well. I feel bad for her. She told me, “You must be disappointed with your visit.” I’m not. I told her that I am happy to be here. That is the truth. I am up early. At this moment, I am reconnecting with the sense of time and space I had […]

Familiar Relations

In addition to my photo show Brotherly Love in 1995, I was fortunate to be included in another photography show. This show was called Familiar Relations, and took place at the Center for Photography, in Woodstock, New York.  Larry Fink, Fine Art Photographer, judged all entries. His unique use of a detached flash inspired some of […]

Being a New Sibling

I usually write about my brother Michael and my relationship with him. But my 8 1/2 year old granddaughter’s mother will have a baby any day now. On the eve of siblinghood, I asked Sidra her thoughts about becoming a big sister. Jack: How long have you wanted a baby brother or sister? Sidra: 8 […]