Shadows Plus Camel Man

As promised yesterday, I am working slowly. I added very little to yesterday’s sketch, pencil-wise. My strategy is to work on the shadow areas first and then proceed to try replicating the textures of the building.  Most of the shadowy areas fall on the surfaces of the windows and the dark space on the doorway […]

Introduction to Madness

The family’s gone. So I thought I’d pick up some light reading. I frequently gravitate toward the philosophy section of the bookstore, and it was there I came upon the book Madness, The Invention of an Idea by Michel Foucault (Foulcault, M. translation: Sheridan, A.   Madness, The Invention of an Idea. New York: Harper Perennial Modern […]


Child psychology When I was a kid, I was afraid of having bad dreams. I heard somewhere that dreams come from a person’s subconscious. So I figured, if I think about something, it will be in my consciousness and not in my subconscious. If it is not in my subconscious, I wouldn’t dream about it. […]

Self Portrait with Huge Misunderstanding

Once I started my photo project about my brother Michael, I brought it to each class I took. One of my first photography classes was with Nubar Alexanian at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York City. The first day was a review of everyone’s work. This is one of the pictures I […]

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