Waiting for an X-Ray

I took a little break from blind drawing with today’s sketch.  It felt good to get that feedback from the glances to the drawing surface. My goal, which I think I achieved, was to place the figure in correct proportion to the rest of the scene.

Calm Woman, Nervous Man

People seem absorbed in their own ‘cone of silence’ in waiting rooms. I am amazed that nobody seems to notice when I sketch them. I try to notice everything about my surroundings. Perhaps my attention bounds about like the nervous man’s legs in the picture below. Except when I’m sketching of course.

Color Matching

Yesterday I was able to articulate the next hurdle for me to conquer in watercolor painting: matching colors of real objects with colors on my palette. Today’s watercolor experiment: Before I started painting with watercolors, I procrastinated by painting many color strips. I made one for each of the colors in my paint box. Yes, […]

Succulent Update

I have been watering my new succulents every other day. When I painted a watercolor of my Kalanchoe succulent about a week ago, it only had one flower. The buds are now flowers. I did a pencil sketch of this plant first followed by overlaying the pencil marks with pen and ink. The flower petals on this […]

Fig Season Opens

Fig Tree Drawing Season, that is… (past attempts may be seen here: Vintage Fig Tree, Fallen Fig Leaves, Abstract Fig Leaf, Screened Fig Tree) It is too tempting to pass up. When I go get my morning coffee, the light is just right on the fig tree. The branches are dark and it seems that […]

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