About Those Watercolors

Yesterday, my watercolor experiment was all about allowing watercolors to flow into each other to create patterns and mixtures with very little artist intervention. The artist sets up the scenario and then allows the watercolors to do the rest of the work. Today’s watercolor experiment: Today I used the same pigments as I did in […]

Color Matching

Yesterday I was able to articulate the next hurdle for me to conquer in watercolor painting: matching colors of real objects with colors on my palette. Today’s watercolor experiment: Before I started painting with watercolors, I procrastinated by painting many color strips. I made one for each of the colors in my paint box. Yes, […]

Purple Woods

Today’s watercolor experiment: Yesterday’s preliminary experiment in purple was a first step in my investigation of purple-yellow interactions. I was hoping for a result analogous to the orange-blue exercise shown in the latter part of the post, yesterday. In this expansion of my sketch shown in my post, From a Magazine, the goldfish were separated from […]

This Sky’s Crazy

Today’s watercolor experiment: Inspiration: Joy showed me the sky this morning. There were yellows and reds on the bottom of gray clouds. The photo does not do this sunrise justice. So I had my goal for today. Red and yellows to gray. Instead of starting out with my good paper, I decided to see how my different […]

Now for the Reds

Yesterday I used all the blues in my watercolor box. Little dabs of them are now in the wells of two different plastic palettes. An easy, non-abstract subject which uses all shades of blues is the ocean. I started with the redder shades of blue in the foreground and worked toward the horizon with the […]