Thirsty Fig Tree

It’s been pretty dry out here in California. The fig tree in the back yard seems to be wilting. It has been doing so all summer. Usually, the onset of autumn begins one or two yellow leaf among the lush green leaves. Today the fig tree looked like yesterday’s limp salad. I began this study […]

The Clock Doc

There is one thing of which you can be certain: If you are looking for one esoteric shop in New York City, you can find at least a dozen of them. At least that was the case during most of the 20 years I lived there. Things gradually changed. For example, I used to have […]

The Beer and Soda Building

Today’s watercolor experiment: I may have mentioned that I really enjoy making the miniature pen, ink and watercolor sketches that I have been creating lately (Party House, Sea Food Building). I like several things about them: 1) they are small; 2) it is easy to correct mistakes; 3) they can be finished relatively quickly. I […]