Circles and Lines

I blotted some transparent earth colors on a wet sheet of watercolor paper. I had previously folded and creased the paper in different places. I then drew several sets of partial circles. The arcs were actually scratches made by a divider, a compass-like device with two sharp points, instead of steel point and a pencil point. I made […]

Circle Table

Today’s watercolor was inspired by yesterday’s photograph of a coffee table made from a tree. I constructed it from memory, using a compass to draw more than 30 concentric circles. I used a French curve to outline the branches, which I placed on lines radiating from the circles’ center. I was hoping to begin by painting the central […]

Circle Research

The other day I began a series about circles, inspired by Kandinsky’s Heavy Circles. As I was helping my wife shop yesterday at the department store (meaning as I sought out the nearest place to sit down), I propped my feet up on this coffee table, when I realized that it was filled with circles. It, […]

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